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Multifunctional Weighted
Sports Vest for DOGS

For healthy regular walks
and more effective training of medium,
large and some small breeds

It will add fitness to your daily walks

  • It will reduce
  • It will extend activity and cheerfulness
  • It will build muscle,
    strengthen joints
  • It will strengthen
  • It will improve blood circulation of all organs
  • It will strengthen and maintain health

It will improve Agility, Mondioring and PitBull Staff all-around results

  • It will increase
  • It will help to overcome barriers easier
  • It will help
    to get tired less
  • It will help
    to run faster
  • It will help to maintain obedience, longer thanks to increased stamina

It will direct the energy of a hyperactive dog to its development

Many people do not have the opportunity to walk 3-5 hours daily or train such a dog. That’s why it burns the energy at home - destroying furniture, toys, rushing around the apartment and barking non-stop.

Our fitness vest can help here as well!

Now during your walks, your pet directs excess energy to strengthen health and muscles, AND BEHAVES AT HOME!

It will preven obesity

It is relevant after sterilization and castration, as well as for «couch» dogs with a sedentary lifestyle

  • It will keep (or return) activity and cheerfulness of the dog
  • It will save money on vets
  • It will protect against more than 12 diseases, that can occur from
    even 20% of excess weight
  • And of course, it will increase your pet's life expectancy!

15-20 minutes of regular walks with fitness vest are enough for a full-fledged training!


The round stainless steel weights are evenly placed over several pockets on both sides. Generally, this is 2 - 4 kg in 4 bags with zip-lock that helps you adjust the weight easily.

These weights are properly fixed, because the pockets are pressed tightly to the vest and are closed with durable Velcro.

At least 2 kg of weights and not more than 10% of the dog’s weight are recommended. You should start with 200 grams with a gradual increase for the first 1-5 weeks (step-by-step manual on using a vest and training are attached).


Advanced simulators

4 semi-rings (on the back and sides) allow using parachutes, an expander and securely fixing the dog in a treadmill.

A step-by-step 3-level vest training program that was developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist-rehabilitologist (more details below) will help to achieve maximum results.


Igor Ragozin and Malinois Deimos

A professional Sports Member

Me and my dog ​​Arracks home Zazu Deimos are completely satisfied with the DSL vest. I have never seen anything like this before. Within 3 weeks Deimos gradually was getting used to the weights - 1 week - 1 kg, 2 weeks – 2 kg, 3 weeks – 3 kg. Of course that weight is not enough, so I’ve made it 5 kg. We exercise in a vest 5 days a week for 7 hours - acceleration, 120 times of jumps through the barrier, 10 km of cross-country. Three times a week we train attack.

The result: the metacarpal bones became even stronger, the starting speed increased significantly, the entrance during the attack became even more powerful.

rus Made in Russia

It is the most durable
fitness vest for dogs in the world


2 stainless steel semi-rings on the back (25 mm) and 2 on the sides (35 mm) for additional equipment (parachutes, an expander) and secure fixation on the treadmill


Reinforced sling handle
on the back
for maximum
dog control


There are 4-6 pockets with Velcro fasteners for weights (number of pockets depends on a dog’s size and weight)


Durable adjustable slings (withstand load up to 360 kg) with very convenient and reliable fasteners "Fastex" that are actively used in camping equipment.


Durable reinforced threads 70LL are used. They have high resistance to stretching and friction, and as a result we have a very durable seam. All knots where the maximum load comes are additionally mounted on a reversing machine.
It does not burst when freezing


The vest is made of a very durable Oxford fabric 1680D that is used for army tents, camping backpacks and special forces clothing. It not only withstands high loads and sudden movements, but also repels dirt and water. Additional PU impregnation fixes the fabric, making it more durable.

Comfortable and safe
for a dog

The vest fits tightly, thanks to the anatomical design and the Y-shaped fastening system with adjustable slings and durable Fastex fasteners.

washFoam pad softens the skin load washStrong slings (with a breaking load of 360 kg)
do not rub thanks to smooth weaving
  • Doesn't catch hair
  • Does not constrain movement
  • Does not hit the front
  • Does not rub
  • Does not press
  • Does not get wet

Some customers videos


Some customers reviews

Stas Mikhailov 30.10.2019 |

At the moment, I’m pretty satisfied with the vest. I use it both for a regular walk in the evening and while training on the playground. It helps to stay in good shape, improves efficiency. We made some exercises in a vest, and then without a vest - and the result becomes higher. P.S. Do not overload the dog and monitor its state constantly. Remember, it is not a robot, but a living organism.

Irina Ruzanova 08.11.2019 |

We got our vest 3 days ago, we really like it! They sent us a training program, everything is very clear! So far, we only walk in it)

Katriel Teyrin 30.10.2019 |

We have noticed this vest long time ago, although it is too early for us to train with weights. We found only harnesses with weights in pet stores – but to be honest, they don’t look really good. When we entered the group again, we saw the post that new color has appeared! And that was the color that fits all of our equipment. We decided to buy it for growth. 😋 We were helped with the choice of size, as a result the vest fits perfectly! I really liked the quality of the vest itself and all the accessories. Thank you so much for such a cool sports equipment!!! 💪🏻🐕 Fitness vest it the best for a dog! 😄

Natalie Chistyukhina 30.10.2019 |

We are pleased to be one of the owners of this cool equipment.

Valeria Niktonova 30.10.2019 |

Good afternoon, finally I’ve got time to write a review. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us with our order. Everything is done at the highest level, everything is cool! Special thanks for the handle, it’s great. We are the first owners of such an exclusive thing, and I want to say that it is very convenient. Thanks for the work you've done!!!

Elena Polozova-Popova 24.11.2019 |

Today we took our vest from St. Petersburg. To be honest, I am very pleased. The vest is 100% high quality, perfectly sewn and crafted, there are no cons. I am extremely glad that we got this vest for our beloved dog. We will continue to exercise and share our progress with this wonderful group. Thank you again!

Katyonka Morozova 07.12.2019 |

We could not resist and ordered a vest on Black Friday. We took our favorite orange color, size M for our Malinois (the bitch), it also fits male - you just need to adjust the straps. Today we had our first walk and training in an empty vest. It looks very cool on the dog, fits well, and does not interfere with the dog.

Boris Dobrokhotov 12.12.2019 |

Hello, we use your fitness vest for a week. It has an excellent quality, the dog is comfortable in it, the size fits well, and there are many adjustments. Thank you very much - you are professionals of your business). The weight in the vest is 200 grams.

Alina Karandashova 16.12.2019 |

Thank you so much for the vests. We are very satisfied!

Andrey Vinogradov 24.12.2019 |

Thank you very much for the vest. It is a really cool thing, we use it every time we walk.

Anastasia Tsaryova 11.01.2020 |

Good afternoon! Finally I got the opportunity to take some photos. We wear a vest with pleasure. It is very cool, does not constrain movements. Thanks a lot! We will track the results and share.

Karina Karandashova 30.10.2019 |

Thanks for the vests from our gang.

All reviews

Which kind of dogs the vest SHOULD NOT be used on


Under 2 years old


During estrus, pregnancy,


The dog has somatic
problems in its history


Indoor and decorative breed, as well as dogs with very short legs
(Dachshunds, Welsh Corgi, etc.)


There were injuries or operations
in the past,
or some problems with
musculoskeletal system
(consultation with an orthopedist
or rehabilitologist is required)

Take the vest before the price will increase!

49 EUR 57 EUR -15%

Any of 7 colors is available: orange, red, green, blue, yellow, fuchsia, steel gray


The manual and the initial stage of training with a vest are attached (there are recommendations of how not to harm the dog; how to determine exhaustion to stop the training in time; some simple exercises for 1-5 weeks that will build strong body and muscles)


14 days warranty exchange / refund. It can be refunded if you do not like the color or size. But there should be no signs of exploitation – both walks and training


Bags with stainless steel weights are ordered additionally on the order page

Place an order while the timer is running
and get 2 gifts

12 Hours 34 Minutes 13 Seconds 84 Ms

15% discount on a vest (already calculated)


A full training program with a vest costs 40 EUR. Now it is free! Use 100% potential of your fitness vest thanks to the integrated program of 3 levels and 36 exercises of varying complexity. It is suitable for beginners. It was developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist-rehabilitologist Elena Spindler.

Book bonuses by placing an order now

After clicking the button, you will go to the page where you can pay
and choose size and color

What are the contraindications?

It is only for dogs from 2 years old. It is not suitable for decorative breeds and dogs with very short legs (Dachshund, Welsh Corgi, etc.).

It is contraindicated during estrus, pregnancy and lactation. If there were injuries, operations in the past or problems with musculoskeletal system, consultation with an orthopedist or rehabilitologist is required.

Even if the dog looks healthy, you need doctors’ approval (orthopedist, cardiologist and veterinarian), because the vest makes random walks sporty, and sport brings out any underlying problems.

How to clean a vest?

Oxford fabric 1680D is water and dirt-repellent. That’s why sand and earth are easily shaken off. In case of heavily contamination, it is usually enough to rinse it under running water.

Hand or machine wash at a temperature of 30 degrees is permissible (“hand wash” mode). No bleach. Air dry, NOT on heaters.

Is there a warranty?

There is a standard 14-day exchange-return policy. You can try it on, but without signs of exploitation - walking and training.

When will the vest be delivered?

After payment, the order goes into production. After 5 business days it is ready for delivery - you will get the information about it via SMS and email (you will receive a notification with a tracking number of the order). Delivery time depends on the region and is calculated automatically on the order page.

How to train a dog with a vest?

You will find step-by-step recommendations in our manual that you receive with the vest (from the weight of the load at each stage and training methods to recognizing the signs of the dog’s fatigue to stop training in time).

Can I buy it for growth?

Yes, you can if the dog will no longer grow and only add a little in volume – there are enough adjustments.

Is it possible to just walk in it and use it as a harness?

This is sports equipment, so it is recommended to wear it no longer than 15-20 minutes (at the initial stage). You can find more details in our manual.

Is it possible to adjust the weights?

The weights are in bags with zip-lock, so it can be adjusted up to a gram.

Is it possible to use as a weight pulling harness and carry weights?

This is different equipment and is designed for a different type of training. A small weight of up to 10 kg can be attached to the vest.

Can I use it when practicing defense?

Yes, you can

Where is the vest made?

It is made in St. Petersburg at its own production.